Commercial Customers

Gates and railings for businesses across North Lancashire

We provide all types of security ironwork for commercial customers who are looking for security gates and railings in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Our metal work provides safety and security to all environments and we have a wide selection on offer depending on your requirements. 

Thanks to our reputation for quality and reliability we have been fortunate to work closely with many local authorities including Lancashire County Council and Lancaster City Council and have assisted both councils with many of their projects including the restoration of key buildings.

A large part of our work relates to restoration of properties and part of this work is ensuring that security features, gates and railings tie in with the overall look and feel of the building. We carry out restoration work sympathetically and are able to create the original ambience of a period or the property.

We hold a CIS Contractors Certificate, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a reputable and qualified company. We believe that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and we will always aim to offer competitive prices.
We can provide a range of metal work kits including:

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